ipê network visual id

ipê network is the latest generation of the National Education and Research Network (rnp), a network infrastructure that connects the main universities and research institutions in Brazil. It is one of the fastest academic networks in the world, providing the general academic community with typical internet services, while also serving as a broadband infrastructure for advanced services, applications, and experiments. The development of the network brand included naming and visual identity stages, in a comprehensive corporate identity project involving several stakeholders and strategic branding decisions.

Overlapping leaves in the logo, built upon fibonacci spirals.

Monocromatic alternative.

Series of pamphlets produced for the network's lauch.

Diagram illustrates the process used in launching ceremony.

Introduction pamphlet

Timeline showing the evolution of the academic network.

RNP's institutional folder was updated...

... to show Ipê in a global context of academic networks.

Folder, A4 leaflet and business card.

Ipê, Clara and Internet2 in the Americas.

Folder, A4 leaflet and business card, detail.

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