rnp services portfolio

Created in 1989, rnp was the first network to provide internet access in Brazil. Made up of about 600 educational and research institutions, it is constantly improving the country's network infrastructure. This printed portfolio presents rnp’s innovative services for their various academic communities. The design included copy review, improving reader’s journey by breaking up of long masses of text into shorter, simpler explanations and by eliminating unnecessary technical jargon. Typographic styles and grid reinforce content hierarchy and provide entry points in the text. Complementary diagrams offer concise (and branded) visual explanations of each service.

Portfolio cover. The graphic design reinforces and expands rnp's visual identity.

Portfolio set: one folder and ten a4 sheets.

Concise and branded presentation through sistematic use of graphic elements, typographic styles and grid.

Diagram and a brief text introduce the content, structured for progressive detail.

Graphics for quantitative representations.

Set of diagrams developed for the portfolio.


project development: graphic design was based on rnp's visual identity and explored the visual rethoric found on their maps, charts and diagrams.

project development: explaining concept and variations in the visual language.

project development: explaining concept and variations in the visual language (continued).

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