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charles gavin is a renowned researcher, producer and musician. His lifelong dedication to music includes decades as drummer of Brazilian rock band Titãs, host of tv and radio shows, and producer of remastered editions of classic Brazilian albums. The main challenge in gavin's website was to develop a platform versatile enough to showcase his multidisciplinary work. Content was organised under a main structure and, in ‘portfolio’ sections, systems of tags are used to dynamically generate navigation menus, allowing for easier and flexible classification and filtering of project and media samples.

Homepage. Coloured icons indicate the main sections.

Gavin's biography page.

Detail of the timeline mosaic.

Portfolio. Projects can be filtered by tags and keywords.

Project page. Brief description and several audio samples.

Detail of a media gallery entry.

Blog main page.

Calendar main page.


project development: Explaining the use of tags for classifying content.

project development: Explaining the benefits of tagged content over grouping content in sections.

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