instituto genesis website

instituto gênesis is a global top 10 business incubator, maintained by the Pontifical Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The institute hosts a number of start-up companies in cultural, technological and social domains, as part of the University's entrepreneurship program. gênesis does not yet have a structured visual identity system and for this reason website design incorporated the institute’s prevailing communications conventions. This allowed for the creation of new visual elements and basic guidelines that can be further developed into a more comprehensive visual identity project.

Homepage features highlights from the four main sections.

About the institute and the team.

Programme subscription page.

Icons for the main website sections.

Icons for Gênesis' incubating stages.

Texts have been structured to allow for progressive depth.

Mosaic of incubated start-ups, color coded by area of operation.

Call for proposals.


project development: Illustrating the process for creating basic new graphic elements from the institute's logo.

project development: Presenting the icon family that helped branding the new website.

project development: Defining type families and their respective functions in the website.

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