In 2009 I completed an ma information design (distinction) at the Department of Typography and Visual Communication, in the University of Reading, UK. The dissertation and practical projects developed as part of the ma can be found below.


informative sounds : an investigation into the usefulness of the auditory channel for conveing purposeful messages

This dissertation investigates current uses of sound in information design. It introduces a scenario that explains how information planning emerged as a visual practice, and argues that technical developments in the past three decades provided information designers with the tools to address the auditory dimension.

Based on the hypothesis that sounds can be purposefully designed to better convey information, this paper: (1) finds support in perception principles to verify sound's potential to construct meaningful, complex messages; and (2) draws on current design research to discuss the reasons that may explain the typically limited exploration of the auditory channel.

Evidence from studies and theoretical background are synthesised in critical observations. Proposed ideas present further uses for sounds in communication, encouraging investigation beyond prevailing conventions.

dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Arts in Information Design, University of Reading, 2009.

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practical projects

home reference manual

A beginner's guide to the acoustic guitar.

interaction design

Interface concept for a cross-platform app.

wayfinding for the merl

Parameters for a compact museum wayfinding system.

argos catalog –soon

Complex information designed for better decision-making.

idj book compilation –soon

Book series with selected articles for Brazilian designers.

simplification centre's poster –soon

Visualisation of the centre's methods and the underlying theories that support the services they provide.


from hfg ulm to munich olympiad : otl aicher and modern information design

This essay sets out to analyse the work of Otl Aicher on the 1972 Olympiad, in Munich, an achievement both as information system and visual identity. Equally, this essay attempts to briefly analyse Otl Aicher’s influence in the hochschule für gestaltung ulm, where he was co-founder, director and teacher. Finally, it also discusses some of the aspects of the design philosophy of Aicher and the hfg, and whether it converged to or deviated from the definition of information design.

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