interaction design

In this interaction design exercise ma students were asked to develop a cross-platform application. Main objectives were gaining a better understanding of interface design issues and how user experience and context can inform design decisions.

I developed the interface concept and main functions for a web-based cross-platform aggregator and reporting app. In "myPaper", users would create news feeds by subscribing to thematic areas (culture, politics etc) and not only to news sources, and would also be able to track developments by linking stories. Finally, the app would provide a publishing interface, allowing users to report stories as they see them.

In development stages, web and mobile apps were analysed, serving as references for comparing interface, functions, concept, and for evaluating the app’s feasibility. Defining user personas helped illustrate how and by whom myPaper would be used. Scenarios were essential for identifying basic interface functions and for establishing use-flow links between the mobile and computer versions of the app.

myPaper is an alternative experience to the traditional rss reader. Visual representations of news feeds combined with touch screen interactions in mobile phones would allow users to search and track topics of interest through engaging visual metaphors.

Application mock-up in use: stacks view.

Application mock-up in use: timeline view.

App's start page displays daily updated news as stacked layers.

Touching and swiping the finger over desired stack brings up text previews, and actions menu.

Full text displayed in full screen. Users can scroll up and down to read, and swipe left and right to navigate linearly.

Tapping on ‘filter and search’ brings down filtering options. News themes can be toggled on and off.

Timeline view, displaying news theme ratios for each month.

Tapping on a selected month expands the timeline view to show daily news entries for that month.

Like in the 'stacks view', touching and swiping across news entries brings up text previews and menu.

Reporting view: users can create and tag content, then use the options in the upper menu to add media, geotag, and publish.

Stacks view, desktop version.

In Map view, users navigate the map (zoom in/out, pan) to visualise and filter news by region.

Timeline view, desktop version.

Reporting view, desktop version.


Reviewing and comparing mobile and desktop rss readers.

Illustrating personas and possible use cases.

Sample of one use flow diagram.

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